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Healthcare experts need to quickly share information on patients. This may include basic chart information or medical data captured by computer medical systems. It’s very important that this data be transferred in a secure way and that it doesn’t get lost in transfer. It’s also important that medical staff, who may not have lots of computer experience, can quickly transfer information without waiting on computer technician to help them with servers, FTP systems and other complications that come with large files such as .zip, .pdf and .mdb formats. There is also a greater need for security when it comes to private health information. Email is not as secure as many believe and other methods can easily be compromised as well.





Many medical institutions rely on email to share files and data. Others still use fax machines. However, neither of these methods have reliable means of conformation of delivery. Email servers often have unspecified limits in file size. If you send a .zip file that is just too big, your email will often disappear without a trace. The receiving party may not know you even tried to send it. ClickandSend offers a solution to this kind of uncertainty. With ClickandSend you won’t have to call and confirm delivery of your files or wonder if they got there. This is just one of the many benefits you reciece from using ClickandSend.

Key Benefits

ClickandSend takes the guesswork out of sending critical files. You won’t have to worry about maximum file size limitations or email servers failing to deliver. Additionally, your files will be encrypted and secure. The system is also HIPAA compliant, which means you’ll be following the national standards established for keeping medical data safe on electronic networks. You won’t have to worry about important medical and healthcare data falling into the wrong hands. The encryption and password-protected files make it safe to send even sensitive data to another medical facility. ClickandSend minimizes your dependence on technology and replaces a formerly confusing process with a simple interface. Just a few clicks and your files will be where they need to go. You may wonder just how you ever handled important healthcare information without using ClickandSend.

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