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Graphic Designers


Graphic design files are often a lot larger than expected. While a single logo or picture is not very space-intensive, designing an entire catalogue, magazine, book or poster at full quality needed for printing or integration into other media formats can take up gigabytes of space. This is particularly true of Adobe Photoshop .psd files which are a commonly used format.

However, printers, clients and collaborators will all need to see these files at their true quality to produce the best possible finished products. Graphic designers are often plagued by troubles with transferring these large files to their colleagues. In most cases, attempting to email something more than 10 megabytes in size will lead to an angry mail server rejecting your giant email. Aside from this, the recipient of the file may have to spend hours downloading the file before they can see what’s been created. This may prove impossible when working with international clients. How can graphic designers get around these issues?





Many employ complex information technology solutions to transfer extra large files. These include FTP systems, web servers and other technology that’s often overkill. Additionally, most graphic designers are artists, not computer experts. They enjoy creative and artistic work, not fiddling with computer settings and servers to send over a giant graphic file. ClickandSend offers a reliable solution for those who need to transfer large graphic files on a regular basis.

Additionally, ClickandSend allows you to send files that have previews attached. This allows potential clients and colleagues to view the data without spending hours downloading them. You can also set up a “collection on delivery” of .psd files or other formats so clients can preview them but not actually download and use them until they have paid for your services. This protects you from being cheated while still providing fair updates and previews to your clients.

Key Benefits

ClickandSend keeps your files safe with encryption and password protection. With a few clicks, you can send a massive collection of graphic art files to anyone you need to with the simple service. You don’t need to worry about any of the technical details. Uploading your files and sending them to the correct parties is just as easy as using a social media website or sharing a photo. You can also use ClickandSend’s collaborative tools to make comments on the files and create revisions as the project progresses. ClickandSend takes care of all the technical complexities, leaving you to concentrate on the art and finished product. You’ll also be able to track delivery and confirmation of your files. ClickandSend makes it easy to do all of this without distracting you from the important, and more enjoyable, work of a graphic artist.

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