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Working with an architect can be a life-changing experience for people. They are able to see the structures of their dreams come to life before their very eyes. This is what makes it so important to be able to communicate with them quickly and efficiently. The lines of communication must remain open in order for both parties to share their ideas. When problems occur, such as not being able to save a document properly, everyone involved will easily become frustrated with the project. The unnecessary tension can turn any well-planned project sour. Architects work with CAD files. These files have the extension of .cad and can sometimes pose problems for people trying to send them to others.





The ClickandSend service can help alleviate some of the stress caused by these complications. They are able to provide you with a safe and secure way to send and receive your documents. The days of struggling to contact your client are a thing of the past. The ClickandSend service makes sure each client is treated respectfully, and provides a support team to handle any issues that may occur.


Key Benefits

ClickandSend gives you the peace of mind that your designs are being delivered securely, and they even provide you with email alerts when they have been received and read. This ensures that your hard work will not fall into the wrong hands and be constructed by someone else.
When you sign up for ClickandSend, you gain the ability to send larger files through email. Size can become an issue when sending intricate plans for a project, and it benefits no one when you are unable to send them. ClickandSend eliminates this hassle for you, leaving you to only worry about the positive outcomes.
Lastly, ClickandSend gives you the opportunity to collaborate directly with your client through their service. This means that last minute details can be taken care of quickly. This is especially useful if you are pushing for a tight deadline.

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