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One of the numerous ways an accountant can help you is through the use of QuickBooks. However, as helpful as having this software at your disposal may be, there is a growing issue with QuickBooks that may limit your accountant’s ability to help you. When a client tries to send a large file from QuickBooks to their CPA or vice versa they often run into the problem of sizing. Files from QuickBooks are continuing to increase in size, causing clients and accountants to become increasingly frustrated while trying to keep files maintained and accurate. When using QuickBooks it is also hard to be confident about the security of your files. There is no way to be certain that your information wasn’t intercepted by a third party during the file transfer between you and your CPA.





Although there are numerous ways of working with larger files, most are becoming obsolete as consumer records tend to include greater amounts of data. However, there is one company that is constantly working on this issue in order to keep the lines of communication between client and CPA open. ClickandSend is a web service that allows for clients to send large files via email to their accountant. They provide the user with a way to share their financial information with the people who need it most, and make sure that it is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Key Benefits

-Provides a delivery confirmation feature, allowing you to feel confident that your files have reached your CPA
-Allows you to set up a notification system to let you know when your files have been read
-Password protection helps keep your information safe and secure
-Collaboration and Discussion tools give you the opportunity to discuss different aspects of your file directly through ClickandSend

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